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Right adjective – Being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard.
Usage example: the obvious answer is not always the right one

Sound is a synonym for right in sane topic. In some cases you can use "Sound" instead an adjective "Right", when it comes to topics like mental condition, rational, health, correct.
Nearby Words: righteous, rightful, righted, rightly, righting
Synonyms for Right


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Sound adjective – Enjoying health and vigor.
Usage example: the horse is getting along in years, but still perfectly sound

Right is a synonym for sound in mental condition topic. Sometimes you can use "Right" instead an adjective "Sound", if it concerns topics such as sensible, complete, health, logical. informal substitute
Nearby Words: sounded, soundness, soundly, sounding, sounder
Synonyms for Sound

How words are described

normal normal right normal sound
short short right short sound
single single right single sound
little little right little sound
Other adjectives: dark.

Things that words describes

mind right mind sound mind
man right man sound man
people right people sound people
choice right choice sound choice
Other nouns: idea, equipment, track, dialogue, weapon, reasons, decisions.

Common collocations

title right title sound title
nothing right nothing sound nothing

Both words in one sentence

  • Right Through the Wall These walls are paper thin And everyone hears every little sound Everyone's a voyeurist, they're watching me Watch them, watch me right now
  • There's nothing quite like the sound of the Gundams's eyes flashing in the middle of a heavy action sequence, or right after one.
  • Literature / Sound! Euphonium Kissing Discretion Shot: This is teased at in Episode 9 before the audition, when Reina steps right up to Kumiko and does something that gets a muffled sound out of her.
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