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Great adjective – Of a size greater than average of its kind.
Usage example: saw a great moose calmly walking through our backyard

Large is a synonym for great in big topic. In some cases you can use "Large" instead the word "Great" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like quantity, size, bountiful, extensive. popular alternative
Nearby Words: greatly, greatness
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Large adjective – Of a size greater than average of its kind.
Usage example: he was hungry, so he ordered the large pizza

Great is a synonym for large in big topic. You can use "Great" instead an adjective "Large", if it concerns topics such as property, bountiful, massive, gigantic. popular alternative
Nearby Words: largely, largeness, largish
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Things that words describes

force great force large force
man great man large man
part great part large part
amount great amount large amount
Other nouns: number, extent, degree, majority, numbers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Mega Neko The name is a combination of Mega- from Greek megas, meaning large or great, and Neko from the Japanese word for cat.
    Source: Mega Neko
  • Bland-Name Product And it makes total sense if you know Latin: "Magna" = "large or great", while "sonic" = "sound".
  • Great Big Library of Everything Not helping is its location in the middle of a great big hole in the middle of a large, dense forest.
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