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Large adjective – Of a size greater than average of its kind.
Usage example: he was hungry, so he ordered the large pizza

Massive is a synonym for large in big topic. In some cases you can use "Massive" instead an adjective "Large", when it comes to topics like size, huge. popular alternative
Nearby Words: largely, largeness, largish
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Massive adjective – Imposing in size or bulk or solidity.
Usage example: massive oak doors

Large is a synonym for massive in size topic. You can use "Large" instead an adjective "Massive". popular alternative
Nearby Words: mass, massed, massively, massy
Synonyms for Massive

Things that words describes

collection large collection massive collection
force large force massive force
body large body massive body
creature large creature massive creature
Other nouns: amount, pile, number, army, size, dose, empire, hole, scale, monster, tree, explosion, ship, fleet, city, gun, numbers, quantities, ships, amounts, fanbase, armies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Sydney The West of Sydney has started to be termed 'Greater Western Sydney', but this area is so large and massive that it makes more sense to discuss more specifically the sub-regions.
  • A computer the size of a large book is more powerful than the most massive supercomputers of the Sixties.
  • Literature / Johannes Cabal the Necromancer What is known for certain is that he's very, very large-he sits on a massive throne, his fingernails are the size of tombstones, and a drop of his blood is the size of a medicine ball.
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