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Ground noun – The loose surface material in which plants naturally grow.
Usage example: stuck the shovel in the ground and went inside for a glass of water

Soil is a synonym for ground in earth topic. In some cases you can use "Soil" instead a noun "Ground", when it comes to topics like nature, substance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: grounded, groundwork, groundless, grounding, groundsman
Synonyms for Ground


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Soil noun – The loose surface material in which plants naturally grow.
Usage example: bought rich soil to plant flowers in

Ground is a synonym for soil in earth topic. You can use "Ground" instead a noun "Soil", if it concerns topics such as substance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: soiled, soiling, soilage, soilless
Synonyms for Soil

How words are described

soft soft ground soft soil
best best ground best soil
common common ground common soil
hard hard ground hard soil
Other adjectives: dry, massive, loose, barren, holy, new, fertile, rocky, local, swampy, sacred, nearby, sandy.

Common collocations

time ground time soil time
sword ground sword soil sword

Both words in one sentence

  • Sand Worm They're at least somewhat justified in that they have durable exoskeletons, and that they lurk under a shallow layer of soil and ground cover rather than actually burrowing.
    Source: Sand Worm
  • Prophetic Names Try this one: Sir Francis Hole, who was a pedologist.. meaning a soil scientist who specialized in soil layers as defined by pedons.. which are holes dug in the ground.
  • Literature / Angels & Demons Calling Card: Each of the Preferiti are to be slayed in a manner corresponding to the Illuminati's elements - For example, the first, who is branded with Earth, is killed by having soil stuffed down his throat and thrown into a burial ground.
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