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Ground noun – A small area of usually open land.
Terrain is a synonym for ground in land topic. In some cases you can use "Terrain" instead a noun "Ground", when it comes to topics like earth, soil. popular alternative
Nearby Words: grounded, groundwork, groundless, grounding, groundsman
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Terrain noun – The physical features of a region as a whole.
Usage example: an analysis of the terrain revealed that an invasion force of paratroopers would have their work cut out for them

Ground is a synonym for terrain in land topic. You can use "Ground" instead a noun "Terrain", if it concerns topics such as landscape. popular alternative
Synonyms for Terrain

How words are described

safe safe ground safe terrain
similar similar ground similar terrain
normal normal ground normal terrain
solid solid ground solid terrain
Other adjectives: open, rough, actual, hard, dangerous, flat, slippery, muddy, new, broken, uneven, rocky, local, nearby, higher, snowy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Super Mario Bros. 3 The cloud map has a bit of inaccessible "land" in one corner, depicting your view of the ground far below; the airship is erroneously able to land there as though it were real terrain.
  • Almost all games of this type are based on ground combat on a 2D map, with various terrain and obstacles adding interest to the battlefield.
  • While most ground-impact spells show the ground being damaged by the spell (which fades away after a while), this is the only instance where the terrain actually buckles up and down.
    Source: Crater Power
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