Grub and Meal


Grub noun - Substances intended to be eaten.
Usage example: after the game, we headed to the diner for some hearty grub

Meal is a synonym for grub in food topic. In some cases you can use "Meal" instead a noun "Grub", when it comes to topics like cooking, eats.

Nearby Word: grubby


Meal noun - Food eaten or prepared for eating at one time.
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Synonyms for Meal

Grub is a synonym for meal in food topic. You can use "Grub" instead a noun "Meal", if it concerns topics such as cooking, eats.

Nearby Words: meat, mealtime, mealed

How words are described

good good grub good meal
warm warm grub warm meal
typical typical grub typical meal
free free grub free meal
Other adjectives: single, large, enormous, gigantic, giant.

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