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Rarely is a synonym for hardly ever in seldom topic. In some cases you can use "Rarely" instead an adverb phrase "Hardly ever", when it comes to topics like infrequently.
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Rarely adverb – Not often.
Hardly ever is a synonym for rarely in seldom topic. You can use "Hardly ever" instead an adverb "Rarely", if it concerns topics such as not often. popular alternative
Nearby Words: rare, rarity, rareness
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  • Anime / Yo-kai Watch Unlike the games, Yo-Kai rarely if ever directly fight each other, and hardly ever use "Soultimate" magic spells.
  • One-Hour Work Week Kids rarely come see her and she hardly ever does anything in the office (her boredom at work is a Running Gag).
  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis In reality they were poor sailors who turned to crime, hardly ever attacked ships violently, rarely mounted a great haul and spent all their loot as quickly as possible.
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