Harmony and Unity


Harmony noun - A balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts.
Usage example: her face had an angelic harmony that fascinated the leading painters of her day

Unity is a synonym for harmony in cohesion topic. In some cases you can use "Unity" instead a noun "Harmony", when it comes to topics like correspondence, accord, agree, concord. popular alternative


Unity noun - A balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts.
Usage example: there's an aesthetic unity to the sculpture garden that makes it an ideal spot for quiet relaxing

Harmony is a synonym for unity in cohesion topic. You can use "Harmony" instead a noun "Unity", if it concerns topics such as agreement, agree, wholeness, feeling of agreement. popular alternative

Nearby Words: unite, union, united, unify, unified

How words are described

fraternal fraternal harmony fraternal unity
full full harmony full unity
natural natural harmony natural unity
perfect perfect harmony perfect unity
Other adjectives: complete, true, entire, absolute, peaceful, spiritual, internal, greater, Christian, international, external, cultural, racial, galactic, worldwide, sleeping.

Both words in one sentence

  • Badass Decay Cavil becomes an Iron Woobie who laments the continuous failure of his plans, while the Caprican variant of himself eventually becomes disenchanted with their actions, preaches harmony and unity and gets boxed by his fellow model.
    Source: Badass Decay
  • Order Versus Chaos In place of standard Order, it has "Harmony," which emphasizes unity and compromise rather than strict discipline.
  • In Heaven by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, the religion of Cosmic Unity was born from the idea that since interplanetary warfare would be so destructive, all planets and people must join together in harmony.
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