Harsh and Rough


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Harsh adjective – Difficult to endure.
Usage example: harsh conditions in the refugee camp

Rough is a synonym for harsh in coarse topic. In some cases you can use "Rough" instead the word "Harsh" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like smooth, comfort, raucous, stormy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: harshness, harshly
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Rough adjective – Not having a level or smooth surface.
Usage example: a rough board can give you splinters

Harsh is a synonym for rough in grating topic. You can use "Harsh" instead an adjective "Rough", if it concerns topics such as smooth, comfort, rude, coarse. popular alternative
Nearby Words: roughly, roughness, roughen, roughening, roughed
Synonyms for Rough

Things that words describes

attitude harsh attitude rough attitude
manner harsh manner rough manner
life harsh life rough life
style harsh style rough style
Other nouns: look, treatment, place, way, personality, world, terrain, language, voice, exterior, side, version, weather, conditions, upbringing, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Was the mall Santa too harsh and rough on Ralphie and the other kids, or was he just an overworked mall employee who was just wanting the mall to close so he could end his shift?
  • Eldritch Starship Artropoid ships are harsh, rough-looking brownish floating hives, Fungoid ships are sinister-looking, smooth black things with teal highlights, and Molluscoid ships get smooth, squid shapes and tentacle-like decorations, but all three are still pretty recognizable as spaceships.
  • Film / A Clockwork Orange Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough: The amiable warden and the harsh, yelling-prone chief guard fulfill this role.
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