Heap and Stack


Heap noun - A considerable amount.
Usage example: you're in a heap of trouble for missing curfew!

Stack is a synonym for heap in pile topic. In some cases you can use "Stack" instead the word "Heap" as a noun or a verb or an adjective, when it comes to topics like pile up, activity, order, lot. popular alternative

Nearby Words: heaped, heaping


Stack noun - A considerable amount.
Usage example: earned a stack of money for writing the screenplay

Heap is a synonym for stack in pile topic. You can use "Heap" instead the word "Stack" as a noun or a verb or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as pile up, order, lot, bunch. informal substitute

Nearby Words: stacked, stacker, stacking

How words are described

high high heap high stack
nice nice heap nice stack
complete complete heap complete stack
endless endless heap endless stack
Other adjectives: single, small, entire, massive, large, enormous, huge, falling, extra, giant, resulting.

Common collocations

bunch heap bunch stack bunch
weight heap weight stack weight
amounts heap amounts stack amounts

Both words in one sentence

  • Fanfic / The Child of Love In chapter 2 Hikari asks Shinji giving a stack of printouts to Asuka… right like she asked Touji giving a heap of printouts to Rei in canon.
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