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Plenty noun – A considerable amount.
Usage example: plenty of people showed up

Stack is a synonym for plenty. In some cases you can use "Stack" instead the word "Plenty" as a noun or a pronoun. popular alternative
Nearby Words: plentiful, plentifully, plenitude, plenteous
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Stack noun – A considerable amount.
Usage example: earned a stack of money for writing the screenplay

Plenty is a synonym for stack in great deal topic. You can use "Plenty" instead the word "Stack" as a noun or a pronoun. popular alternative
Nearby Words: stacked, stacker, stacking
Synonyms for Stack

How words are described

high high plenty high stack
musical musical plenty musical stack
short short plenty short stack
perfect perfect plenty perfect stack
Other adjectives: massive, large, great, huge, key, new, sure, several.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / British Accents Plenty of "oo-ar", while chewing a stalk of hay (stalk, not stack); associated with intellectual challenge, broad ignorance and depthless cunning, and usually used as comic relief.
  • Team Hand-Stack Done plenty of times on Saved by the Bell, but possibly the most memorable case was towards the end of "Jessie's Song" when the gang (sans Slater) were doing one and Lisa refused get in the stack if her hand was touching Screech's!
  • Video Game / Space Station 13 Also happens disturbingly often in Revolution rounds, or when the assistants launch a "Greytide." Plenty of the 'best' weapons on the station are relatively common tools that can be made in the hundreds from a stack of sheet metal.
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