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Hidden adjective – Screened or sequestered from view.
Veiled is a synonym for hidden in participle topic. In some cases you can use "Veiled" instead an adjective "Hidden", when it comes to topics like secret, potential, concealed, unseen. popular alternative
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Veiled adjective – Having or as if having a veil or concealing cover.
Hidden is a synonym for veiled in participle topic. You can use "Hidden" instead an adjective "Veiled", if it concerns topics such as property, potential, secret, disguised. popular alternative
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  • II — The High Priestess: A veiled woman with a closed book, a symbol of hidden knowledge, wisdom, female mystery and magic.
  • From Lau and his hidden malice, to Undertaker's morbid humor, to his servants' weapons and veiled pasts, he was always frightened of someone.
  • Fated (2012) Cursed (2012) Taken (2012) Chosen (2013) Hidden (2014) Veiled (2015) Burned (2016)There's also a series of articles about the world and setting called the Encyclopaedia Arcana which can be found on the author's website here.This series provides examples of: All-Loving Hero: Anne.
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