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Honest adjective – Being in the habit of telling the truth.
Usage example: at least the weatherman is honest and doesn't pretend to be able to predict the unpredictable

Open is a synonym for honest in truthful topic. In some cases you can use "Open" instead an adjective "Honest", when it comes to topics like behaviour, clear, speech, frank.
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Open adjective – Free in expressing one's true feelings and opinions.
Usage example: a talkative and open child who tells people more than they want to know

Honest is a synonym for open in frank topic. You can use "Honest" instead an adjective "Open", if it concerns topics such as clear.
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Things that words describes

people honest people open people
relationship honest relationship open relationship
discussion honest discussion open discussion

Both words in one sentence

  • Turns out all he really needed to do to accomplish his goals was have an honest and open talk with Sasuke about his choices instead of manipulating and trying to brainwash him
  • Film / Deep Impact Reasonable Authority Figure: Once the existence of the comet is revealed to the world, President Beck is quite open and honest with the public about what's going to happen, and while he remains hopeful, he doesn't mince words when it's clear that things are not going well.
  • Series / The Fall After he's murdered, Stella confesses the tryst to Burns (since there's an investigation going on and she wants to be open and honest).
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