Honest and Sincere


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Honest adjective – Free from any intent to deceive or impress others.
Usage example: the sort of person who helps others from an honest desire to do good, and not because she might need a favor from them someday

Sincere is a synonym for honest in truthful topic. In some cases you can use "Sincere" instead an adjective "Honest", when it comes to topics like behaviour, natural, true, genuine. popular alternative
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Sincere adjective – Genuine in feeling.
Usage example: she offered a sincere apology for her angry outburst

Honest is a synonym for sincere in genuine topic. You can use "Honest" instead an adjective "Sincere", if it concerns topics such as truthful, natural, true, fair. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sincerely, sincerity
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Things that words describes

desire honest desire sincere desire
person honest person sincere person
respect honest respect sincere respect
friendship honest friendship sincere friendship
Other nouns: belief, emotion, effort, guy, people, member, attempt, concern, nature, way, warning, advice, version, feelings, efforts, attempts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Emma This guy is anything but frank, honest and sincere with everybody.
  • Video Game / Syberia Oscar is shocked when he learns that Kate is ready to lie to her superiors, and tells her he'd thought she was a sincere and honest person.
  • Series / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Pet the Dog: For Bulk and Skull in "A Ninja Encounter Part I," a baby carriage goes careening out of control and the two make a sincere and honest effort to save the baby inside.
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