Human being and Individual

Human being

Human being noun - A member of the human race.
Usage example: we're all human beings, regardless of our differences
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Individual is a synonym for human being in person topic. In some cases you can use "Individual" instead a noun phrase "Human being", when it comes to topics like man, people, creature, beings. popular alternative


Individual noun - A member of the human race.
Usage example: every individual has value

Human being is a synonym for individual in person topic. You can use "Human being" instead a noun "Individual", if it concerns topics such as man, people, thing, creature. popular alternative

Both terms in one sentence

  • Culture Justifies Anything: Every human being has human rights as an individual - rights that are not nullified by the concept of cultural rights.
  • The Formics get this too in the backstory when they, a hive minded species that places no value on the mindless drones used to fight wars, discovered that each and every human being they killed during their two wars with humanity was as much an individual as the Formic queens.
  • Video Game / SOMA During the game we are never given a chance to understand if there are any important differences between the behaviour of a "brain scan" individual and an actual human being.
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