Individual and Man


Individual noun - A member of the human race.
Usage example: every individual has value

Man is a synonym for individual in person topic. In some cases you can use "Man" instead a noun "Individual", when it comes to topics like thing, folk, beings. popular alternative


Man noun - A member of the human race.
Usage example: every man has a responsibility to safeguard the planet

Individual is a synonym for man in person topic. You can use "Individual" instead a noun "Man", if it concerns topics such as human being, human, folk, beings. popular alternative

Nearby Words: manly, manful, manhood, manliness, manfully

How words are described

human human individual human man
nice nice individual nice man
normal normal individual normal man
free free individual free man
Other adjectives: honorable, single, intelligent, responsible, powerful, real, dangerous, evil, lonely, decent, new, broken, mysterious, wealthy, unknown.

Both words in one sentence

  • Though each person is an individual and men and women exist in roughly equal proportions, a population consisting of one man and a hundred women is many, many times more likely to survive than a population consisting of one woman and a hundred men.
  • Anime / Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Compilation Movie: The Laughing Man and Individual Eleven cover the main story arcs of the first and second seasons, respectively.
  • Particularly peculiar because elsewhere Crom only gives man life and will; everything else is up to the individual.
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