Identity and Singularity


Identity noun - The set of qualities that make a person different from other people.
Usage example: children begin to form their own identity by the age of two

Singularity is a synonym for identity in individuality topic. In some cases you can use "Singularity" instead a noun "Identity", when it comes to topics like personality, uniqueness. popular alternative


Singularity noun - An odd or peculiar habit.
Usage example: a college professor with singularities of dress and speech that have long endeared him to his students

Identity is a synonym for singularity in individuality topic. You can use "Identity" instead a noun "Singularity", if it concerns topics such as personality, unity, uniqueness. popular alternative

Nearby Word: singular

How words are described

human human identity human singularity
original original identity original singularity
true true identity true singularity
single single identity single singularity
Other adjectives: strong, actual, personal, new, possible.
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