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Express verb – To convey in appropriate or telling terms.
Usage example: could you express your opinion of the book in words a little more precise than “lousy”?

Tell is a synonym for express in say topic. In some cases you can use "Tell" instead a verb "Express", when it comes to topics like state, declare, articulate, words.
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Tell verb – To give an oral or written account of in some detail.
Usage example: they told the story of how they had met

Express is a synonym for tell in communicate topic. You can use "Express" instead a verb "Tell", if it concerns topics such as declare, words, say, indicate.
Nearby Words: telling, teller
Synonyms for Tell

Common collocations

way express way tell way
side express side tell side
feelings express feelings tell feelings

Both words in one sentence

  • Pals with Jesus They think he's such a fantastic guy that they tell him that when he eventually does die, he can just find them and say the word to get the fast-express to the top-rank tier of the afterlife.
  • Express Lane Limit This◊ Garfield strip had Jon and Garfield go through the express lane, only for the cashier to tell Jon that he has more than 12 items.
  • Franchise / Winnie-the-Pooh The best example, though, is probably the book release Use Your Words, which is all about Roo learning to express how he feels out loud, rather than keeping his feelings bottled up inside.Kanga: If you have something to tell me or want to share how you're feeling, please use your words, Roo.
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