Incident and Occasion


Incident noun - Something that happens.
Usage example: the odd little incident was reported in the local paper

Occasion is a synonym for incident in event topic. In some cases you can use "Occasion" instead a noun "Incident", when it comes to topics like occurrence, happening, example, cause. popular alternative


Occasion noun - Something that happens.
Usage example: weddings are generally happy occasions

Incident is a synonym for occasion in event topic. You can use "Incident" instead a noun "Occasion", if it concerns topics such as reason, chance, time, example. popular alternative

Nearby Words: occasional, occasionally, occasioned, occasioning, occasionalism

How words are described

notable notable incident notable occasion
particular particular incident particular occasion
similar similar incident similar occasion
specific specific incident specific occasion
Other adjectives: separate, single, serious, unfortunate, little, infamous, memorable, famous, past, later, unrelated, hilarious, strange, last, latter, different, recent, earlier, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • There was at least one occasion of a similar incident happening on the original Peter Marshall version as well, said incident happening on a daytime show back in the 1970s.
  • Useful Notes / Navy Seals On the odd occasion he is involved in a incident he shows he can still be Bad Ass into his sixties.
  • There was a highly mediatized and parodied incident where Bill Clinton came to Romania with the occasion of its integration into NATO (or something like that).
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