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Incomplete adjective – Lacking some necessary part.
Lacking is a synonym for incomplete in unfinished topic. In some cases you can use "Lacking" instead an adjective "Incomplete", when it comes to topics like property, better, inadequate, not complete. popular alternative
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Lacking adjective – Not coming up to an expected measure or meeting a particular need.
Incomplete is a synonym for lacking in property topic. You can use "Incomplete" instead an adjective "Lacking", if it concerns topics such as better, inadequate, wanting, not complete. popular alternative
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grasp incomplete grasp lacking grasp

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  • The main flaw here was that the Kanto remake felt incomplete due to the Game Boy Color cartridge format lacking the room to portray Kanto as it was in Gen.
  • Video Game / Unreal Tournament III Obvious Beta: Shortly after the first retail release, the GUI was shown to be incomplete, with "GUI Breaking Bugs", especially hitting the server joining features and lacking essential features.
  • Sound Test Diddy Kong Racing has one accessible via a cheat code, but it is incomplete, displaying numbers rather than track titles, lacking the ability to listen to any of the dynamic tracks as anything but a mash-up of all versions at once, and even containing music not found elsewhere in the game.
    Source: Sound Test
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