Lacking and Poor


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Lacking adjective – Not coming up to an expected measure or meeting a particular need.
Usage example: we felt the afternoon television offerings were somewhat lacking in entertainment value

Poor is a synonym for lacking in property topic. In some cases you can use "Poor" instead an adjective "Lacking", when it comes to topics like inadequate, insufficient.
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Poor adjective – Less plentiful than what is normal, necessary, or desirable.
Usage example: a poor crop because of the drought this year

Lacking is a synonym for poor in inadequate topic. Sometimes you can use "Lacking" instead an adjective "Poor", if it concerns topics such as insufficient, deficient, meagre, deficient in.
Nearby Words: poorly, poorness
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Things that words describes

grammar lacking grammar poor grammar
performance lacking performance poor performance
design lacking design poor design
grasp lacking grasp poor grasp

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / PlanetSide Standard Hollywood Strafing Procedure: A common mistake for rookie ESF pilots in Planetside 2, who pick up the habit due to initially lacking long-range rocket pods and general poor aiming skills.
  • Video Game / Déjà Vu Justified, as the game mentions you took poor care of the flashlight, causing the batteries to be corroded, not to mention that the battery technology of the 1940s is lacking.
  • Video Game / Mega Man Battle Network As it stands, Treble would've been a poor name, lacking the drama and power of Gospel.
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