Indeed and Really


Indeed adverb - Without any question.
Usage example: I know that you can indeed do better than that
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Really is a synonym for indeed in very topic. In some cases you can use "Really" instead the word "Indeed" as an adverb or an adjective or a interjection, when it comes to topics like actually, fact, truly, real. popular alternative


Really adverb - To tell the truth.
Usage example: well, really, I'd rather go to the movies than go to dinner

Indeed is a synonym for really in truly topic. You can use "Indeed" instead the word "Really" as an adverb or an adjective or a interjection, if it concerns topics such as fact, actually, real, too. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • The Kingdom Hearts series and first game in particular suffers from some of this, perversely not due to bad or uncreative translation—indeed, it's actually really good—but due to Woolseyism.
  • This actually puts them in less danger than were it known who his father really is, and indeed, Niniane concocts this story to dissuade questions over the man's identity.
  • Note that in the fifth and sixth types of situations, it's likely (and often indeed the case) that these people really are dead.
    Source: Legally Dead
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