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Man noun – A member of the human race.
Usage example: every man has a responsibility to safeguard the planet

Person is a synonym for man in guy topic. In some cases you can use "Person" instead a noun "Man", when it comes to topics like individual, fellow, human being, people. popular alternative
Nearby Words: manly, manful, manhood, manliness, manfully
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Person noun – A member of the human race.
Usage example: is there any person here who knows how to speak Spanish?

Man is a synonym for person in guy topic. You can use "Man" instead a noun "Person", if it concerns topics such as human being, people, individual, fellow. popular alternative
Nearby Words: personal, personality, personate, personage, persona
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How words are described

old old man old person
rich rich man rich person
nice nice man nice person
best best man best person
Other adjectives: better, normal, average, single, gay, responsible, powerful, real, wrong, evil, little, bad, black, innocent, young, decent, white, new, mysterious, last, older.

Both words in one sentence

  • Only Sane Man If it's a two-person show, with one person playing the Only Sane Man to the other's wackiness, it's a Straight Man and Wise Guy scenario.
    Source: Only Sane Man
  • Like Goes with Like If there's a love triangle with a man and woman of the same minority race and another person who's white, the people of the same race will be meant to be together.
  • The Author Avatar, being the kind of person who would generally trust the kind of person the Hard-Bitten Ghost was in life, can't quite shake off the other man's cycism and finds himself asking his (eventual) guide why the people of heaven don't rescue the people of hell.
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