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Inform verb – To give information to.
Usage example: chose teaching as a career because it affords the opportunity to inform a whole generation of young minds

School and inform are semantically related In some cases you can use "School" instead a verb "Inform".
Nearby Words: information, informal, informed, informer, informative
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School verb – To cause to acquire knowledge or skill in some field.
Usage example: schooled their children in proper etiquette for formal occasions

Inform and school are semantically related in teach topic. Sometimes you can use "Inform" instead a verb "School".
Nearby Words: schooled, schooling, schoolmate, schoolroom
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Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Mama's Family Insistent Terminology: Bubba would like to inform you that he was in juvenile hall, not reform school.
  • Only after it's been cracked does Sosuke inform everyone that it's an incredibly lethal bio-agent, prompting this kind of response from effectively the entire school.
  • On a smaller scale, Degrassi: The Next Generation has episodes where it is implied that stealing school property is no big deal, but it's disgraceful to inform on the thief.
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