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Instance verb – To give as an example.
Usage example: instanced one particular incident as an illustration of their penchant for practical jokes

Mention is a synonym for instance in cite topic. In some cases you can use "Mention" instead a verb "Instance", when it comes to topics like name, specific. popular alternative
Nearby Words: instant, instability, instantly, instanced, instantiation
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Mention verb – To make reference to or speak about briefly but specifically.
Usage example: you only mentioned in passing some of your accomplishments

Instance is a synonym for mention in cite topic. You can use "Instance" instead a verb "Mention", if it concerns topics such as refer to, specific. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mentioned, mentioning
Synonyms for Mention

How words are described

notable notable instance notable mention
particular particular instance particular mention
similar similar instance similar mention
specific specific instance specific mention
Other adjectives: brief, short, many, single, small, entire, real, noteworthy, early, final, minor, significant, above, odd, next, last, occasional, earliest, earlier, previous.

Common collocations

series instance series mention series
time instance time mention time
characters instance characters mention characters

Both words in one sentence

  • Goomba Stomp While not an instance of this trope, it definitely deserves honourable mention because of the name.
    Source: Goomba Stomp
  • Not to mention an earlier and literal instance of the trope, the bloated dire spider.
  • The Wild Hunt The oldest unequivocal instance of this trope is probably that found in the Hindu Bhagavata Purana (9th or 10th century), where mention is made of a travelling army of ghosts, headed by Shiva.
    Source: The Wild Hunt
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