Instance and Occurrence


Instance noun - An occurrence of something.
Usage example: another instance occurred yesterday

Occurrence is a synonym for instance in example topic. In some cases you can use "Occurrence" instead a noun "Instance", when it comes to topics like event, matter, case. popular alternative


Occurrence noun - Something that happens.
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Synonyms for Occurrence

Instance is a synonym for occurrence in existence topic. You can use "Instance" instead a noun "Occurrence", if it concerns topics such as event, matter, happening. popular alternative

Nearby Words: occur, occurring, occurence

How words are described

known known instance known occurrence
rare rare instance rare occurrence
notable notable instance notable occurrence
particular particular instance particular occurrence
Other adjectives: similar, common, specific, single, real, infamous, subtle, amusing, interesting, famous, unique, major, minor, unusual, above, odd, strange, bizarre, last, earliest, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Zettai Ryouiki This instance is doubly notable as the last comedic occurrence in the anime before things go straight to hell.
  • Deep-Immersion Gaming Almost all the time, the events of the strip are presented "as-is"—Cthoolhoo eats someone, for instance, and we have to take it for granted that such is a canonical occurrence.
  • Neural Implanting One notable instance has a character theorize a cyborg is downloading fire-control software in the middle of a fight, implying that to do so is a fairly common occurrence.
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