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Instrument noun – Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: he sees scouting as an instrument for building character in young people

Machinery is a synonym for instrument in tool topic. In some cases you can use "Machinery" instead a noun "Instrument".
Nearby Words: instrumental, instrumentality, instrumentation, instrumentalist, instrumented
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Machinery noun – Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: sincerely believes that the machinery of government can be used to better people's lives

Instrument is a synonym for machinery in devices performing work topic. You can use "Instrument" instead a noun "Machinery".
Nearby Words: machine, machining
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How words are described

expensive expensive instrument expensive machinery
musical musical instrument musical machinery
complex complex instrument complex machinery
alien alien instrument alien machinery
Other adjectives: large, big, necessary, new, political, strange, magical, medical, specialized.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Dancer in the Dark Everything Is an Instrument: The song "Cvalda", in which the rhythm is inspired by the noise of factory machinery.
  • Film / Looper Everything Is an Instrument: As explained in the DVD/BluRay extras, the non-orchestral side of the soundtrack that contains industrial-sounding techno stuff was actually made from sampling industrial material and machinery, then remixed into music.
    Source: Film / Looper
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