Instrument and Medium


Instrument noun - Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: he sees scouting as an instrument for building character in young people
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Medium is a synonym for instrument in means topic. In some cases you can use "Medium" instead a noun "Instrument", when it comes to topics like agent. popular alternative


Medium noun - Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: regards political activism on the local level as the best medium for effecting social change

Instrument is a synonym for medium in means topic. You can use "Instrument" instead a noun "Medium", if it concerns topics such as voice. popular alternative

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How words are described

preferred preferred instrument preferred medium
good good instrument good medium
expensive expensive instrument expensive medium
particular particular instrument particular medium
Other adjectives: common, specific, certain, original, single, chosen, popular, real, main, new, unique, dominant, traditional, primary, respective, different.
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