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Intelligence noun – A report of recent events or facts not previously known.
Usage example: usually received the latest intelligence about how the war was going

Word is a synonym for intelligence in report topic. In some cases you can use "Word" instead a noun "Intelligence", when it comes to topics like knowledge, language, information, secret information. popular alternative
Nearby Words: intelligent, intellect, intelligently, intelligibility, intelligencer
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Word noun – A report of recent events or facts not previously known.
Usage example: what's the latest word on the airplane crash?

Intelligence is a synonym for word in report topic. You can use "Intelligence" instead a noun "Word", if it concerns topics such as knowledge, statement, news. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wordy, wordless, wording, worded, wordily
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How words are described

good good intelligence good word
similar similar intelligence similar word
common common intelligence common word
original original intelligence original word
Other adjectives: single, native, actual, real, little, bad.

Both words in one sentence

  • Art Initiates Life In Jewish tradition, this led to the legend of the Golem, where a mystic does the same thing using a word of power, but with only enough intelligence to follow orders.
  • Spoofing Bush's supposed lack of intelligence (even if the sketch is from before his first election): the mediator of the Gore-Bush debate asks them for a one-word "best argument for the campaign".
  • Word of God is that Ruin was actually a combination of a human intelligence named Ati and the cosmic force of entropy- his death knocked the two apart, leaving the human body of Ati behind.
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