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Interest noun – A legal right to participation in the advantages, profits, and responsibility of something.
Profit is a synonym for interest in advantage topic. In some cases you can use "Profit" instead a noun "Interest", when it comes to topics like help, favor. popular alternative
Nearby Words: interested, interesting, interestingly
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Profit noun – The amount of money left when expenses are subtracted from the total amount received.
Usage example: after we deducted the cost of sugar, lemons, and paper cups, the profit from a day of lemonade sales was about $20

Interest is a synonym for profit in help topic. You can use "Interest" instead a noun "Profit", if it concerns topics such as favor, benefit, gain, financial gain. popular alternative
Nearby Words: profitable, profitless, profiteering, profited, profitableness
Synonyms for Profit

How words are described

obvious obvious interest obvious profit
actual actual interest actual profit
great great interest great profit
huge huge interest huge profit
Other adjectives: little, slight, potential, personal, major, less, mutual, significant, greater, financial.

Common collocations

man interest man profit man

Both words in one sentence

  • While in theory the bank does this with the money in a savings account, the interest on the loans accumulated directly to the account, rather than mostly being taken as profit by the bank.
  • Literature / Imaro They're fine with banditry for profit, but fighting whole armies, confronting Eldritch Abominations, and chasing after the traitor who has kidnapped Imaro's love interest?
  • Monster / Live-Action TV Representing the evils of human trafficking, Karpvoich's only interest is his own profit.
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