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Keep verb – To pay the living expenses of.
Usage example: looking for a sugar daddy to keep her in a style to which she'd dearly love to become accustomed

Maintain is a synonym for keep in preserve topic. In some cases you can use "Maintain" instead a verb "Keep", when it comes to topics like hold, uphold, protection, conduct. popular alternative
Nearby Words: keeping, keeper
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Maintain verb – To pay the living expenses of.
Usage example: we simply cannot afford to maintain a horse

Keep is a synonym for maintain in continue topic. You can use "Keep" instead a verb "Maintain", if it concerns topics such as support, action, hold, uphold. popular alternative
Nearby Words: maintained, maintaining, maintainable, maintainability
Synonyms for Maintain

Common collocations

power keep power maintain power
life keep life maintain life
balance keep balance maintain balance
order keep order maintain order
Other nouns: body, peace, relationship, control, identity, world, distance, secret, population, sanity, existence, powers, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Nouveau Riche Where Audrey has the social status and roots at Grantleigh Manor, she has no money to keep or maintain the manor.
    Source: Nouveau Riche
  • Then there is also the M60 you get at the end of Chapter 3, if you manage to keep and maintain the weapon, you get the benefit of both high DPS, the ability to shoot through barriers and overall, the feeling of bringing a machine gun into a knife fight.
  • Manga / Getter Robo Since all of the parts are modified fighter jets, separating at a moment's notice to dodge attacks or strike from other angles, and fighter jets are a hell of a lot easier to maintain and keep secret.
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