Maintain and Support


Maintain verb - To keep in good condition.
Usage example: he repairs and maintains antique cars as a hobby

Support is a synonym for maintain in help topic. In some cases you can use "Support" instead the word "Maintain" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like uphold, nourish, care for, continue. popular alternative


Support verb - To pay the living expenses of.
Usage example: a young widow supporting a sick mother as well as two small children on a teacher's salary

Maintain is a synonym for support in provide for topic. You can use "Maintain" instead a verb "Support", if it concerns topics such as defend, help, nourish, care for. popular alternative

Common collocations

life maintain life support life
kind maintain kind support kind
body maintain body support body
relationship maintain relationship support relationship
Other words: army, rule, empire, population, existence, lifestyle.

Both words in one sentence

  • Action Girl / Video Games The in-universe explanation for the lack of female soldiers previously is that humanity is on its last legs and the women are needed to help maintain the population; any female COG soldiers are actually infertile and perform support roles.
  • Also, aside of keeping crack troops to uphold the peace; he builds and maintain roads, schools, and hospitals; provides support to cities and even has firefighting and emergency communication forces.
  • Video Game / StarCraft II Hive Queen: The Queen, which is supposed to stay in base to force hatcheries to spawn additional Larvae, while also helping to maintain, strengthen, and defend, though they also make excellent support units.
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