Lance and Sword


Lance noun - A weapon with a long straight handle and sharp head or blade.
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Synonyms for Lance

Sword and lance are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Sword" instead a noun "Lance".

Nearby Words: lanced, lancet, lancer, lancing


Sword noun - A hand weapon with a length of metal sharpened on one or both sides and usually tapered to a sharp point.
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Synonyms for Sword

Lance and sword are semantically related. You can use "Lance" instead a noun "Sword".

Nearby Words: swordsman, swordsmanship

How words are described

special special lance special sword
best best lance best sword
long long lance long sword
better better lance better sword
Other adjectives: similar, normal, regular, original, fake, single, sharp, heavy, powerful, actual, huge, ultimate, cursed, legendary, gigantic, shaped, dual, giant, magical, demonic, eponymous, strongest, double-bladed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Chaos Fighters has swiping, an type of attack which the weapon (usually a sword or a lance) is swung in a direction perpendicular to how its blade is alligned.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord The sword and lance were used at close range and on those rare occasions when fighting was on foot, but they were always secondary tools.
  • Galtar and the Golden Lance: The title weapon is somewhere between this trope and Swiss Army Weapon as it starts off as a stick that looks like a pair of collapsed pummels, extends into a double-sword/lance, can bifuburcate into a pair of swords, or recombine into a more powerful sword.
    Source: Morph Weapon
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