Knife and Sword


Knife noun - An instrument with a metal length that has a sharp edge for cutting.
Usage example: be careful in using the knife to split open the cardboard box
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Synonyms for Knife

Sword is a synonym for knife in cutting tool topic. In some cases you can use "Sword" instead a noun "Knife", when it comes to topics like sharp edged metal. popular alternative

Nearby Words: knifing, knifed


Sword noun - A hand weapon with a length of metal sharpened on one or both sides and usually tapered to a sharp point.
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Synonyms for Sword

Knife is a synonym for sword in thing topic. You can use "Knife" instead a noun "Sword", if it concerns topics such as sharp edged metal. popular alternative

Nearby Words: swordsman, swordsmanship

How words are described

old old knife old sword
good good knife good sword
special special knife special sword
long long knife long sword
Other adjectives: normal, ordinary, short, regular, original, fake, single, sharp, small, actual, massive, big, great, huge, ancient, new, cursed, gigantic, titular, golden, ceremonial, giant, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade It should be noted that due to the tooth like nature of the edge, the blade will not shave hair, but will cut almost anything else once the blade is placed into motion, and behaves more like a very fine hacksaw than a knife or sword.
  • Cane Fu Metal can be telekinetically manipulated by some kinds of allomancers, making a sword or knife a vulnerability rather than an asset.
    Source: Cane Fu
  • But, give him a sword or knife and put him where the action is hottest and... wow — you can't believe this is the same lad.
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