Locality and Region


Locality noun - The area or space occupied by or intended for something.
Usage example: a locality filled with exotic plants
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Synonyms for Locality

Region is a synonym for locality in neighborhood topic. In some cases you can use "Region" instead a noun "Locality", when it comes to topics like neighbourhood, area, location, territory. popular alternative

Nearby Words: local, location, locale, localized, localize


Region noun - A part or portion having no fixed boundaries.
Usage example: if you look in the upper left region of the sky, you can see the constellation Orion
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Synonyms for Region

Locality is a synonym for region in area topic. You can use "Locality" instead a noun "Region", if it concerns topics such as location, territory, district, zone. popular alternative

Nearby Words: regional, regionalism, regionally

How words are described

certain certain locality certain region
northern northern locality northern region
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