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Locate verb – To come upon after searching, study, or effort.
Put is a synonym for locate in place topic. In some cases you can use "Put" instead a verb "Locate", when it comes to topics like action, hold, settle.
Nearby Words: location, located, locating, localization, locator
Synonyms for Locate


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Put verb – To arrange something in a certain spot or position.
Usage example: you can put this box next to the bookshelf

Locate is a synonym for put in hold topic. You can use "Locate" instead a verb "Put", if it concerns topics such as place.
Nearby Words: putting, putted
Synonyms for Put

Common collocations

man locate man put man
body locate body put body
family locate family put family
someone locate someone put someone
Other nouns: number, points, pieces.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Lunar Chronicles A large chunk of the series' plot revolves around people trying to locate the mysterious Princess Selene to either kill her or help put her on the Lunar throne.
  • She's then able to help Chloe locate where Jack is and call off his murder just seconds before he has a bullet put in his head.
  • Interface Screw On the upside, though, salvo-firing off all of your "dumbfire" unguided missiles will put a quick end to the jammer ship, once you locate it.
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