Locate and Settle


Locate verb - Take up residence and become established.

Settle is a synonym for locate in accommodation topic. In some cases you can use "Settle" instead a verb "Locate", when it comes to topics like place, put. popular alternative


Settle verb - To establish or place comfortably or snugly.
Usage example: settled the sleeping baby into her crib

Locate is a synonym for settle in accommodation topic. You can use "Locate" instead a verb "Settle". popular alternative

Common collocations

land locate land settle land
team locate team settle team
home locate home settle home
planet locate planet settle planet
Other words: island, problems.

Both words in one sentence

  • A queen will leave her hive only when it is severely threatened, at which point she swarms and must quickly locate a new hive (although newly-made queens have months before they have to settle).
  • They pass countless dangers and finally locate the perfect new home, settle down to start a colony, and realize, "Oh, damn, we forget to bring any women." Which is the impetus for the second half of the story ("Shoot, we better find someone to bear our kits").
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