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Loot verb – To search through with the intent of committing robbery.
Rob is a synonym for loot in plunder topic. In some cases you can use "Rob" instead a verb "Loot", when it comes to topics like steal, criminality, pillage, steal goods. popular alternative
Nearby Words: looted, looting, looter
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Rob verb – To remove valuables from (a place) unlawfully.
Usage example: in jail for robbing a bank

Loot is a synonym for rob in raid topic. You can use "Loot" instead a verb "Rob", if it concerns topics such as steal, pillage, plunder. popular alternative
Nearby Word: robt
Synonyms for Rob

Common collocations

chest loot chest rob chest
place loot place rob place
store loot store rob store
station loot station rob station
Other nouns: house, room, vault, money, home, treasury, tower, shop, ship, town, casino, graves, casinos, corpses.

Both words in one sentence

  • Throw-Away Guns Often they are used only as initial weapons in order to rob or loot decent firearms.
  • Webcomic / League of Super Redundant Heroes Pyrrhic Villainy: Distracterella's gang manages to rob a bank, get away with the loot, and humiliate Asstronomous by causing him to crash into a building.
  • Robbing the Mob Bank: The bank is where numerous notorious western outlaws store their loot, which is why Quick is attempting to "rob" it.
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