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Rob verb – To remove valuables from (a place) unlawfully.
Usage example: in jail for robbing a bank

Strip is a synonym for rob in deprive topic. In some cases you can use "Strip" instead a verb "Rob", when it comes to topics like give, steal, raid. popular alternative
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Strip verb – To remove clothing from.
Rob is a synonym for strip in give topic. You can use "Rob" instead a verb "Strip", if it concerns topics such as bare, empty, raid, take away from. popular alternative
Synonyms for Strip

Common collocations

power rob power strip power
woman rob woman strip woman
people rob people strip people
someone rob someone strip someone
Other nouns: place, world, car, anyone, victims, girls, corpses.

Both words in one sentence

  • You Can Leave Your Hat On Rob Van Dam match, Paul Heyman sent Kimona Wanalaya, who Raven had found working at a strip club where he had a side gig as DJ, up to the stage to do a strip dance wearing only a teddy and a towel.
  • Literature / Thunderhead Grave Robbing: The skinwalkers rob graves to strip corpses of their magical parts.
  • Comic Strip / Get Fuzzy One Scene, Two Monologues: most commonly between Bucky and Satchel, typically leading to a series of non-sequiturs Opaque Nerd Glasses: When the strip began, Rob was always shown wearing these.
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