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Master verb – To achieve a victory over.
Usage example: finally mastered her longtime opponent at chess

Overcome is a synonym for master in conquer topic. In some cases you can use "Overcome" instead a verb "Master", when it comes to topics like conflict, deed, win, surmount. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mastery, masterly, masterful, mastered, masterfully
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Overcome verb – To achieve a victory over.
Usage example: the baseball team finally overcame their opponents in the 13th inning

Master is a synonym for overcome in conquer topic. You can use "Master" instead a verb "Overcome", if it concerns topics such as beat, defeat, deed, win. popular alternative
Nearby Word: overcoming
Synonyms for Overcome

Common collocations

ability master ability overcome ability
power master power overcome power
fear master fear overcome fear
darkness master darkness overcome darkness

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Fic / Soul Eater: Troubled Souls In the story, his agenda is to speak to the owners of the Eyes and put them on the righteous path to help them master and overcome the eldritch, arcane power that comes with the Eyes.
  • The Power of Friendship At this point, Exar's former-Jedi master appeared as a Force Ghost and said "Together, Jedi can overcome their weaknesses."
  • Driven to Suicide: Franz, Weislingen's squire, defenestrates himself from a castle window when overcome with remorse for poisoning his master.
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