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Master verb – To achieve a victory over.
Usage example: finally mastered her longtime opponent at chess

Subdue is a synonym for master in overcome topic. In some cases you can use "Subdue" instead a verb "Master", when it comes to topics like conflict, tame, win. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mastery, masterly, masterful, mastered, masterfully
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Subdue verb – To achieve a victory over.
Usage example: subdued her fear of the dark by joining a club for spelunkers

Master is a synonym for subdue in activity topic. You can use "Master" instead a verb "Subdue", if it concerns topics such as conquer, control, win. popular alternative
Nearby Words: subdual, subduing
Synonyms for Subdue

Common collocations

rage master rage subdue rage
couple master couple subdue couple
way master way subdue way

Both words in one sentence

  • Little Miss Badass Halsey's journal refers to an even earlier incident where Kelly disarmed a Master Sergeant of his clippers when he tried to cut her hair; it took three adults to subdue her.
  • Knockout Gas The Master uses this to subdue the Doctor and Jo Grant when they break into his TARDIS in "Colony in Space"
    Source: Knockout Gas
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