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Medieval adjective – Having passed its time of use or usefulness.
Usage example: get rid of that medieval kerosene stove—it stinks and it's dangerous

Obsolete and medieval are semantically related. in old-fashioned topic. In some cases you can use "Obsolete" instead an adjective "Medieval".
Nearby Words: medievalism, medievalist
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Obsolete adjective – Having passed its time of use or usefulness.
Usage example: I was told my old printer is obsolete and I can't get replacement parts

Medieval and obsolete are semantically related. You can use "Medieval" instead an adjective "Obsolete".
Nearby Words: obsolescent, obsolescence, obsoleteness
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Things that words describes

series medieval series obsolete series
technology medieval technology obsolete technology
version medieval version obsolete version
armor medieval armor obsolete armor
Other nouns: weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Poles with Poleaxes From the late medieval to The Partitions Polish army was composed predominantly of cavalry that was usually formed of nobles and their retainers (and thus resembling medieval army model which became obsolete in Europe somewhere around mid-17th century).
  • Reached it's apogee after proper siege cannon made tall, thin stone walls like those that protected medieval castles obsolete, and European states transitioned to the trace italienne.
    Source: The Siege
  • Video Game / Final Fantasy V Nor how the makers of the steam-ship and submarine live in waterside medieval stone castles, even though all wooden-decked boats in the game are armed with cannons which render them obsolete.
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