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Namely adverb – That is to say.
Usage example: there's always one person stuck with cleaning up the mess, namely me

Specifically is a synonym for namely in specific topic. In some cases you can use "Specifically" instead an adverb "Namely", when it comes to topics like emphasis, that is to say, that is.
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Specifically adverb – In regard to something mentioned explicitly or in detail.
Namely is a synonym for specifically in specific topic. You can use "Namely" instead an adverb "Specifically", if it concerns topics such as emphasis. popular alternative
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Synonyms for Specifically

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  • Film / X-Men It is never explained what exactly it's doing to so specifically alter a person's genome (namely, activating the latent X-gene in normals).
    Source: Film / X-Men
  • Namely, Nagisa and Tomoyo cameo as Kagami's college classmates, and later, Kagami watches an episode of the series (specifically, a scene in which Fuuko gives Sunohara a starfish).
  • Clark Kent Outfit Superman is the Trope Namer, as his alter ego, Clark Kent, is modeled specifically for this purpose; namely, a spineless man (with glasses, of course) to hide his superhuman strength.
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