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Naughty adjective – Engaging in or marked by childish misbehavior.
Teasing and naughty are semantically related in annoying topic. In some cases you can use "Teasing" instead an adjective "Naughty", when it comes to topics like bad, mischievous.
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Teasing adjective – Causing irritation or annoyance.
Naughty and teasing are semantically related in mischievous topic. Sometimes you can use "Naughty" instead an adjective "Teasing".
Nearby Words: tease, teased, teaser
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  • Light Novel / Mayo Chiki! Particularly bad because Subaru, being Kanade's butler, should know better than anyone how naughty and teasing Kanade is... Amusing Injuries: In episode 5, when Jiro first runs into Usami, after a brief conversation she jumps onto his chest, which knocks him out.
  • Songs that avert naughty words in this manner are called "teasing songs".
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