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Pattern noun – A unit of decoration that is repeated all over something (as a fabric).
System is a synonym for pattern in order topic. In some cases you can use "System" instead a noun "Pattern", when it comes to topics like habit, structure, arrangement. popular alternative
Nearby Words: patter, patterned, patterning, pattering, patten
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System noun – A method worked out in advance for achieving some objective.
Usage example: if you're going to wrap all these presents in one afternoon, you'll need a system

Pattern is a synonym for system in habit topic. You can use "Pattern" instead a noun "System", if it concerns topics such as order, structure, method. popular alternative
Nearby Words: systematic, systemic
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How words are described

old old pattern old system
special special pattern special system
elaborate elaborate pattern elaborate system
similar similar pattern similar system
Other adjectives: common, complex, current, standard, original, simple, entire, complicated, strict, new, unique, traditional, intricate, basic, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Yoshi's Woolly World Console Cameo: The Wonder Wool in the six secret stages unlock Yoshi themed after Nintendo's consoles in descending order, starting with a pattern themed after the Wii U and ending with a pattern themed after the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Five Races Subsequent games based off of the system—Gamma World and Dark Matter—follow a similar pattern, which is usually just the races mentioned above mechanically with different fluff.
    Source: Five Races
  • Tradesnark™ When Namco Museum Encore was later released on the same system, Namco followed the previous pattern by having the boxart be the ® from the Namco logo.
    Source: Tradesnark™
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