Perception and Understanding


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Perception noun – The ability to understand inner qualities or relationships.
Usage example: a writer of considerable perception, she remembers how it feels to be confused and insecure

Understanding is a synonym for perception in awareness topic. In some cases you can use "Understanding" instead a noun "Perception", when it comes to topics like knowledge, insight, cognisance, cognizance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: perceive, perceptive, perceptible, perceptively, perceptibility
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Understanding noun – The knowledge gained from the process of coming to know or understand something.
Usage example: a social observer with a deep understanding of the problems that the nation's cities face in the 21st century

Perception is a synonym for understanding in belief topic. You can use "Perception" instead a noun "Understanding", if it concerns topics such as comprehension, knowledge, cognisance, cognizance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: understand, understandable, understandably
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How words are described

human human perception human understanding
high high perception high understanding
better better perception better understanding
similar similar perception similar understanding
Other adjectives: normal, common, true, poor, popular, intellectual, entire, great, little, new, incredible, advanced, general, warped, greater, basic, different, cultural, modern, functioning.

Both words in one sentence

  • Third Eye An eye grants sight, and thus symbolizes perception and understanding of the world.
    Source: Third Eye
  • Myth / Norse Mythology In all ages, the eye has been “seen” as a poetic symbol for perception in general – consider the astonishing number of expressions, both in everyday usage and in the works of the great canonical poets, that use vision as a metaphor for perceiving and understanding something.
  • They are using themselves as a basis for understanding others and through their perception see their own flaws and virtues in other people.
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