Performance and Show


Performance noun - A dramatic or musical entertainment.
Usage example: the frequent performances of the symphony testify to its popularity

Show is a synonym for performance in art topic. In some cases you can use "Show" instead a noun "Performance", when it comes to topics like circus, entertainment, public event, musical performance.


Show noun - A display of emotion or behavior that is insincere or intended to deceive.
Usage example: her “concern” for the less fortunate is all just a big show

Performance is a synonym for show in entertainment topic. You can use "Performance" instead a noun "Show", if it concerns topics such as art, exhibition, circus, public event.

Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown

How words are described

live live performance live show
good good performance good show
musical musical performance musical show
full full performance full show
Other adjectives: special, best, better, similar, complete, original, single, actual, entire, successful, great, bad, famous, early, final, next, last, said, awesome.

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