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Petty adjective – Not broad or open in views or opinions.
Usage example: a petty little town that was not ethnically diverse and very happy about the situation

Small is a synonym for petty in trivial topic. In some cases you can use "Small" instead the word "Petty" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like property, reduction, size, narrow-minded. popular alternative
Nearby Words: pettish, pettiness, pettily
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Small adjective – Lacking importance.
Usage example: reluctant to bring such a small matter to the boss's attention

Petty is a synonym for small in unimportant topic. You can use "Petty" instead an adjective "Small", if it concerns topics such as narrow-minded, quantity, reduction, size. popular alternative
Nearby Word: smallish
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Things that words describes

man petty man small man
gods petty gods small gods
creatures petty creatures small creatures

Both words in one sentence

  • Minor Flaw, Major Breakup A frequent subversion used is for the character to eventually get over their partner's minor little flaw, or finally decide to dump them — only for their partner to dump them first over something equally small and petty.
  • Film / Kung Fu Hustle Sing stomping the kids' soccer ball is a Poke the Poodle moment, since it's so petty and small, but also establishes the fact that he's a real asshole.
  • And she was still a youth; this shows even the wisest witches start small and petty.
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