Petty and Unimportant


Petty adjective - (informal) small and of little importance.
Usage example: limited to petty enterprises

Unimportant is a synonym for petty in trivial topic. In some cases you can use "Unimportant" instead an adjective "Petty", when it comes to topics like size, insignificant, small, worthless. popular alternative

Nearby Words: pettish, pettiness, pettily


Unimportant adjective - Lacking importance.
Usage example: we figured that the details were unimportant as long as we got the basic design correct

Petty is a synonym for unimportant in insignificant topic. You can use "Petty" instead an adjective "Unimportant", if it concerns topics such as property, value, size, small. popular alternative

Nearby Words: unimportance, unimportantly

Both words in one sentence

  • No Yay He considers Dan, whom he refers to as "her partner", so unimportant he thinks Iji being upset about endangering/killing him is petty.
    Source: No Yay
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