Planet and World


Planet noun - The celestial body on which we live.
Usage example: our collective responsibility to conserve the planet and its natural resources for future generations
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World is a synonym for planet in nature topic. In some cases you can use "World" instead a noun "Planet", when it comes to topics like space, celestial body orbiting a star.

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World noun - The celestial body on which we live.
Usage example: worried about the effects of pollution on the world

Planet is a synonym for world in space topic. You can use "Planet" instead a noun "World", if it concerns topics such as earth. popular alternative

Nearby Words: worldly, worldling

Both words in one sentence

  • In Piers Anthony's Xanth books, any given demon's name is the name of the world/planet which is their territory, with some mathematical notation mixed in - for example, X(A/N)^TH.
  • But if Nightmare Eclipse didn't intervene, Discord would have probably gotten bored with Equestrian (after few thousand years, give or take) and moved to another planet/world/whatever.
  • To give two examples (both from The Chase) the planet Aridus is a desert world and the planet Mechanus is inhabited by robots.
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